The Secrets Behind The Manufacturing Process Of A Pillow At A Factory

The bedrooms reflect the personality and lifestyle of the owner while providing a relaxed and comfortable space. Not only that, after a long working day, you will be leaning back on the familiar mattress and a soft pillow. It helps dispel fatigue and quickly uplift your spirit to prepare for a whole new working day .

Have you ever wondered how a pillow is made? This article will show you the manufacturing process of a pillow. It is a process with specific steps to ensure that the quality of the product is truly perfect.

Step 1: Select material and cut fabric

This is the most vital  step that determines the durability and beauty of the pillow. A complete pillow will include a pillow cover and pillow bowel.

The cover of the pillow is usually made from some type of fabrics such as silk, cotton, and nylon cotton while that of the pillow bowel will be fluff, synthetic fiber, feather, mixed bowel, and cotton. 

Step 2: Measure the pillow cover

Pillow covers protect the bowels of the pillow and also bring a comfortable feeling to the users when they rest on the pillows . The standard size of sleeping pillows come in  2 main types: 46 cm x 65 cm and 50 cm x70 cm. Baby pillows will be from 10 cm x 45cm, 35cm x 50 cm or 20 cm x 45 cm.

Step 3: Embroidering

This is a step to create the beauty of the pillow The fabric used to make the pillow is delivered to the embroidery team after the patterns have been sketched on the fabric. 

For some special pillows, the pattern will be embroidered entirely by hand. This is an extremely detailed, meticulous and time-consuming task, so embroidering a single pattern on a pillow can take up to 4 hours.

The embroiderers will stretch and fix the pillow cover by using a wooden embroidery frame. Then they just use a needle and thread to finish their product. Each design can be made from different styles of embroidery and each type has specific technical requirements that only workers who have many years of experience can complete.

Step 4: Use a machine to fill the pillow bowel in

An indispensable stage in producing pillows is filling the bowel of sleeping pillows. Pillows will be disinfected. Then by using advanced technology and equipment, the pillow bowel is filled in.

Step 5: Sew the pillows and labels

In the bedding sewing factory, a group of workers will be assigned to specialize in sewing the last part of the pillows. After filling in the bowel, the last rectangular part of the pillow and the stamp will be sewn up..

Step 6:  Quality control and the last phrase

Quality control is carried out not only at the last step but at every step of the process. At any point, if the product has an error, the quality control department will intervene to adjust the processing or start over.

However, at the end of the process, the pillow quality will be checked again. The pillows will be transferred to the quality control department and picked up the remains on the product. If any issue with the pillow is detected, it will be fixed right away

The quality control process is put under strict and extremely tight supervision. For maintain the perfect quality, the pillows will be packaged in a vacuum bag. Eventually, the pillows will be delivered to the customers, showrooms or distribution channels

In Conclusion

This is all the information about a common pillow manufacturing process at the sewing factory. Hopefully, it will help you have a better understanding of the pillows you are using every day.